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October 2019


October has been an exciting month for us. The university term started this month and we have seen new students joining us each week on campus and in church. We also launched our youth group, Counter Culture, this month with over 80 teens showing up for the first event! We really feel like a shift has taken place and we are seeing incredible growth in so many areas of ministry across all three of our congregations. God is good!

This month has been especially full for me. By the time the month is over I will have taught one session on our Follow One Course, preached in our new series on the Life You’re Longing For, taught one session in our Follow Two Course and led and taught two sessions on our Freedom Day.

This past Sunday I preached on Longing for Ifs and Whens. Here is the video for you to watch:

So many times in our lives we put up barriers

that are excuses or fears to stop us from moving forward in God’s Plans for our lives. I call these our Ifs and Whens. If you are stuck in life because of an If or When, I pray that this message will help you to move forward and walk in God’s abundant life for you!

Please continue to pray for me over

this month – it’s only halfway over ;o).

Could I please ask you to also pray for my monthly support? Please pray that more people join our team to reach the nations. I am so thankful for all those who give but I also know that life and seasons change for everyone and their finances. I am praying blessings over each one of you – financially, spiritually and physically!

Lots of love


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