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September 2022

Dear Family and Friends

I hope you have had a wonderful Summer, and that as we go into September, you are excited about what God has done in the first part of this year and you are expectant and excited about what He is going to do in this next season!

August means Youth Camps for us here at Every Nation. I love going to these camps because even though they are still here in the UK, they are still like going on a mission trip. We had 70 teens and 40 leaders across two camps. We have teens who come not only from our churches but from other organisations. Some of the teens are in the social care system and come from hectic environments and some have learning and behavioural difficulties. Every single teen who comes on camp has an opportunity to experience the unconditional love of God through others on our camp, to hear the Gospel and take one step closer into a relationship with God. This camp did not disappoint! I had one particular girl in my group who especially experienced God’s love not only through her teammates but also in our main sessions. I wish I could tell you details but unfortunately, I can’t – but just know that your prayers and support touched so many during this week!

Here's a picture of my girls and a highlight video of the week. Due to child protection for some of our teens we have blurred some of their faces.

Last month I had two special prayer requests for my health and for my support team.

I shared that I had recently started having asthma and had been put on 2 inhalers to try to control it as well as having chest x-rays to see if there was anything else going on. Thank you so much for your prayers! The x-rays showed nothing wrong, and I have been able to use both inhalers less. I am trusting that in the coming months I will be able to be inhaler free!

I am also so thankful that I have had a new monthly donation added to my support. Could I please ask you to continue to pray for more people to join our team? God is faithful and I am trusting for an increase to help with the rising cost of living.

Finally, the month of September has a lot coming up for me and I would appreciate your prayers.

- 10 September all day training for our Utrecht (Netherlands) mission in October

- 11 September I am preaching in Slough

- 18 September I am teaching Follow One in Slough

- 19 September I start 4 weeks of Engage training for Utrecht

- 24 September is our Discipleship Day in Slough that I am organising

All of this does not include the weekly discipleship meetings I have here in the UK and Europe as well as other Slough pastoral responsibilities.

You are amazing and such a blessing!! Thank you again for all that you do!

Loads of Love



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